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Overview R7 Med-Surg is a unique blend of acute and non-acute patients. Our expertise is in Nephrology, Urology, and Geriatrics. Our staff are trained to provide care to patients with nephrostomy tubes, urinary catheters, and those receiving peritoneal dialysis. The staff are also trained in Nurses Improving Care for Health system Elders, also called NICHE, and are experts at addressing common geriatric issues and diagnosis. The interdisciplinary team excels at discharging our patients to the appropriate care setting. This team approach helps patients to transition to long term care facilities, sub-acute rehabs, assisted living, or home locations with ease. We take great pride in caring for our patients and their families. We welcome you to come be a part of our team! If you are a current CVPH staff member interested in opportunities in Med-Surg, please reach out to the Recruitment Team at Min Rate = $35.43 / Max Rate = $52.44 *Placement is in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Units Agreement. Special Criteria Details MedSurg R7 positions Responsibilities The Registered Professional Nurse is responsible for the management of patient care, utilizing the nursing process to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient outcomes. The nurse directs and guides the delivery of nursing care, patient education, and all care related activities, while maintaining standards of professional nursing collaborating with other disciplines as appropriate. Practices within the boundaries of the NYS Practice Act for Registered Professional Nurses. Provides care according to CVPH Standards of Care and Practice Provides nursing care to a patient by collecting data and performing a functional health pattern/physical assessment when patient is admitted, when a significant change in condition occurs, upon transfer to/receiving from another unit, and/or every eight-hour shift; provides care to patient requiring discharges. Verifies and/or transcribes and implements physician orders. Develops/Revises Plan of Care for patient to include measurable outcome goals for various diagnosis, and discharge plans; includes patient and/or family. Provides basic bedside care to include, but not limited to, bed baths, mouth care and ADLs. Provides nursing care to patient requiring monitoring/intervention with xe2x80x9cPoint of Carexe2x80x9d testing, to include, but not limited to, fingerstick blood samples for glucose and stool specimens for occult blood as defined by CVPH. Provides care to a patient requiring input/output tubes/devices such as but not limited to NG tubes, urinary drains, surgical drains, and enteral feding tubes. Provides nursing care at the bedside utilizing such equipment as, but not limited to, a Smart Pump, PCEA pump, PCA pump, Auto-Transfusion device, Sequential Compression device, Feeding Tube pump, splints, traction, or a CPM device; Follows manufacturerxe2x80x99s recommendations and CVPH guidelines. Provides nursing care to the patient requiring medication administration (including controlled substance) by any route following defined process for MAK); Utilizes the Pyxis system as required. Provides nursing care for the patient requiring blood/blood product therapy to include collection and reinfusion of autologous blood. Provides venipuncture and nursing care to the patient requiring IV therapy to include various routes (e.g., peripheral, central), methods (e.g., continuous, intermittent, IVPB, IVP), and solutions/medications (e.g., TPN, PPN, lipid infusions, medicated drips). Provides care using infection control practices as outlined in Medical Center policies/procedures (e.g. Universal Standard Precautions and Isolation Techniques). Provides nursing care to the patient and assistance to physician, when invasive procedures are performed at the bed side; procedures include but are not limited to lumbar puncture, chest tube insertion, thoracentesis, liver biopsy, bone marrow biopsy. Provides nursing care to patient receiving sedation analgesia. Utilizes resource consultant services and resource teams as approporiate (such as Foley Team, Rapid Response, chest tubes). Provides nursing care for the patient with a tracheostomy, patient requiring suctioning (nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, or tracheal), or patient with a chest tube. Provides nursing care for the patient requiring remote telemetry and/or continuous SaO2 monitoring. Provides nursing care to the patient requiring restraints/ protective/ supportive devices. Provides care to identified safety risk patient (e.g. wandering/elopement, seizure and suicide precautions, and fall or bed entrapment). Demonstrates respect for the diversity of patient population providing comprehensive holistic care for the dying patient, including post mortem care and support of the patientxe2x80x99s spirituality. Provides nursing care for the patient requiring preventive skin care, wound management, pressure ulcer prevention/treatment and stoma care Provides nursing care to the patient requiring various respiratory therapy modalities such as oxygen therapy and use of the inspirometer. Provides nursing care to the patient requiring anticoagulation therapy. Provides nursing care to the patient receiving chemotherapy, external radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy). Provides nursing care of the urological patient. Provides nursing care to the patient with End Stage Renal Disease, to include continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, or pre/post hemodialysis care. Provides nursing care to the patient with a head injury, craniotomy, spiral surgery or CVA. Provides nursing care to the orthopedic patient to include, but not limited to total knee, total Hip, fracture of extremities, cast care, skeletal traction or skin traction. Provides nursing care for the patient requiring pain management (surgical, chronic and terminal) according to organization and unit standards. Provides nursing care for the patient requiring specimens collection. Provides nursing care for the patient requiring transfer to the operating room or xe2x80x9cprocedural unitxe2x80x9d, transfer/admitted after an invasive procedure; and transfer to another nursing unit. Provides prioritized patient/family education. Conducts hourly rounds as a team effort for assigned patients. Performs in crisis/emergency (e.g. code 99, 66, Rapid Response, FAST Alert) while maintaining a positive/ calm approach. Provides nursing care through utilization of the electronic information system, (e.g, Order Entry for orders, retrieving of lab data, etc) Advocates patient rights and demonstrates a working knowledge of Advance Directive practices, organ donation and procurement as evidenced by completion of documentation as outlined by CVPH policy/procedures. Documents/communicates nursing care, physiological responses to other health care providers through verbal reports and patient record(s) as dictated by policy/guidelines; Reports to physician changes/deviations from expected norm. Maintains a safe environment in which to provide quality care. Provides leadership and measures effectiveness of nursing care by providing supervision, delegation, monitoring/reassessment of all patient care as required. Manages conflict/identifies ethical dilemmas and assists patients and families in resolving. Supports fluctuation in patient care needs by floating when required. Other duties as assigned. Qualifications Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing; Bachelor of Science in Nursing preferred. Currently licensed as a Registered Professional Nurse in New York State. Meets requirements of physical/pre-placement screening. Completion of Cardiac Rhythm Course within nine (9) months. As applicable, the individual has training/competency in attending to the special needs and/or behaviors appropriate to the age of the patients for which care is being provided.

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